Large Chocolate Fountain Hire Thistle Hotel

Large Chocolate Fountain Hire Thistle

The Thistle Hotel, Cheltenham is our closest hotel, no further than a mile away, so as you can imagine we’re more than happy for couples to hire one of our chocolate packages. Small, medium or large? Large? Suit your Sir? Large is was! And soon, as usual, crowds of young and old were thronging what remained one of the main attractions for the night – the LARGE Chocolate Fountain which stood majestically to one side soon to become the centre of culinary attention.

Chocolate Dips

Chocolate dips abounded in all sorts of shapes and flavours, strawberries, marshmallows, waffles, coconut macarons, profiteroles – it was a spread fit for a king and queen. Well, it was really, it was someone’s special day.

Event in Cheltenham? Something special?

A chocolate fountain is always a showcase topic of conversation, an ice-breaker and a talking point. Contact us to talk all things chocolate and make your day special.

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