Chocolate Fountain Hire Southall

chocolate fountain hire sothall

Chocolate Fountain Hire Southall

A first birthday in any culture is a BIG event, but within the Indian community, it’s taken to epic proportions. What better way than to call in a Chocolate Fountain Hire. Chocolate Fountains R Us has graced many Asian Weddings, Parties and events up and down the country.

Chocolate Birthdays With a hundred or so guests our 6-foot chocolate fountain, with multi-coloured surround, adorned the chosen establishment. A fine collection of dips were chosen and of course only the very best Barry Callebaut Fountain Ready Chocolate generously coated each skewer full of items.

Have an event, a birthday, wedding, be sure to check in with Chocolate fountains R Us. Make it special, instead of that boring old post-first dance dessert, treat your loved-ones to a chocolate fountain, medium or large, sorry small hires have been become history. Give Michelle or Bob a call on M:07816200045 to discuss your chocolate and party needs. Our 2014 schedule for 2014 is filling up, have a shop around then give us a call. We may not be Mr. Cheapo, and  we’re not Mr. Fred in the shed. We’ve been doing events and feeding the chocolate appetite of the UK since 2005 with 1000’s of events under our belt. Check our our BLOG pages – FREE hire if you find an unhappy face.

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