Chocolate Fountain Hire Yeovil

Chocolate Fountain Hire Yeovil

Yeovil and Yeovilton has always been famous for its military hardware, museums and bases. Our event in this famous town in Somerset drew a crowd that was hardcore chocoholic and professional connoisseurs of their chocolate. Little doubt, we do use only the very best, chocolate fountain-ready, Barry Callebaut Couverture Chocolate – The Rolls-Royce of chocolate, and the choice of chocoholics. You will taste the difference when you taste our chocolate. Chocolate Fountain Yeovil is readily available in the Somerset county – we are just a call away.

Chocolate Fountain Reception

Our fountains are ‘impressive’ but especially when they stand taller than an average basketball player. A very friendly crowd, swooned back and forth for the tenure of the evening sampling the delicious dips on offer.

Chocolate Fountain Event?

Are you having an upcoming event that you want to make truly special and unforgettable? Want to create a talking point? An ice-breaker? A topic of conversation? Chocolate Fountains are and have always been the way forward! At Chocolate Fountains R Us, we know all about chocolate and events and Chocolate Fountain Hire Yeovil are just a call away..

Give us a call or drop us an email if you have an idea, a hankering or just wanna be different. Our fountains can grace any event, from weddings, to proms to birthdays to barmitzvahs.