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Girl Guides Centenary

Gloucestershire Girl Guides Centenary Event.¬†Sometimes we just never know what is just around the corner. Just a balmy, summer’s day and the Girl Guides of Gloucestershire called. ‘Can you do an event for up to 400 girl guides?’ Ahhhhh, sure we can! Tomorrow? No time was lost. Half a field of strawberries later and an industrial supply of marshmallows, mini-donuts, profiteroles, coconut macaroons – with half of Morrison’s bought up! Nothing less than a Very LARGE chocolate fountain hire could cope.

We were assigned to Cattle Country as the event location. Great! Not too far! Nerves kicked in! Now imagine a scrum, 20-deep! Feasting, feeding and avidly-grazing for the next 3-hours! Without the help of some dedicated Guide staff I would have happily waved the white flag of surrender. It was carnage, a scrum on an industrial scale. But was it worth it Рwe loved it!

No photos on this one, just not a moment spare, just a few shots before the storm struck

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