Large Chocolate Fountain Hire Bristol & Avon

Large Chocolate Fountain Hire Bristol & Avon

Large corporate events such as these are our speciality. Swarming crowds, a buzz of excitement in the air, announcements and entertainment, and silver-service. It is an opportunity to put our best-foot forward, and bring out the silverware. This Chocolate Fountain Hire in Bristol was certainly shipshape & Bristol-fashion.

Chocolate Fountain Dipping Platter

With 250 guests to please, our large, 7-foot, wow-factor, chocolate fountain had to be adorned with some real mouth-watering choices. Fresh, fair-trade pineapple chunks, pink mini-meringues with a strawberry flavour filling, Baileys cold cream profiteroles, seedless green grapes, banana slices, dairy cream vanilla fudge square, toasted waffle cuts, fluffy pink and white halal marshmallows and of course, large fresh Moroccan strawberries that populate only the best high-street supermarkets. Hmmmmm! Review our dip page for a mouth-watering description of choices.

Christmas Chocolate Fountain Hire

Christmas corporate events are an opportune time for companies and bosses alike to show appreciation by laying out something elaborately chocolate for staff. Statistics have proven time and again companies benefit from staff loyalty if this measure of appreciation is undertaken at Christmas.

Large, Medium or Small Chocolate Fountain Hire

We have something to fit every budget. Whether you wish to hire a LARGE chocolate fountain and be talked about forever, or a Medium hire and be talked about for a long time, or even a small chocolate fountain, you’ll still be loved and remembered. See our sizes and see what fits your event.

Chocolate Fountain Event in the Bristol & Avon area?

Are you having an upcoming event that you want to make truly special and unforgettable? Want to create a talking point? An ice-breaker? A topic of conversation? Chocolate Fountains in Bristol are and have always been the way forward! At Chocolate Fountains R Us, we know all about chocolate and events.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you have an idea, a hankering or just wanna be different or just to discuss ideas. Our fountains can grace any event, from weddings, to proms to birthdays to barmitzvahs.

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