RAF Yeovilton Chocolate Fountain Hire

Yeovilton RAF Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain Hire at Yeolviton RAF in Somerset is nothing new. We have been attending this twice-yearly Officers’ Ball and gracing their taste buds with the best chocolate on the market, Belgium Barry Callebaut Fountain Ready Chocolate. Check out those faces. Stress levels relieved, (read this article and see what proper chocolate cann do for you) and glad to be back home. Base and home¬†of the Jump Jet Harrier (now decommissioned, sob!) and centre for major air-force operations in Afghanistan. We have been invited here year on year for the officers’ grand ball in July and New-Year’s Eve celebrations. We supply the grandest of fountains for our boys with wings and they supply, very very, large marshmallows (where do they buy those things from?), fresh strawberries and trimmings. Revelling (and dipping) with full regalia well into the night along with other entertainment. Both private, to wing commander, to female¬†wren and wives, respective, enjoyed the culinary revelry as provided by Chocolate Fountains R Us. Browse our site and drop us an email or call Bob and Michelle today on M:07816200045 to discuss your chocolate needs and your next event.

A tribute to those protecting our shores and way of life:

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