Last Minute Hire at Shrewsbury Town Football Club

Chocolate Fountain Hire ShrewsburyChocolate Fountain Hire Shrewsbury Football Club

Nichola called and need one of our LARGE hires. It was a last-minute, short-notice, availability request. I must have a very LARGE, Chocolate Fountain Hire, she exasperated, it’s my 40th birthday party and I want to pull out all the stops. Shropshire, especially  Shrewsbury has seen us do many events over the years, as well as Bridgnorth, Much Wenloch, and Telford. I want the LARGEST Chocolate Fountain you have, and dips, I want as many dips as possible. We have the fountain, the LARGEST and 10 sensible, mouth-watering dips to compliment the best Belgium Fountain-Ready Chocolate money can buy.

Shropshire Countryside

We always enjoy the countryside route, taking us through rambling hills and quaint little villages. We were there on time, and readily displaying a feast fit for a queen. It wasn’t long before hundreds of guests descended and made a bee-line straight for this iconic masterpiece in the corner. Faces lit up, skewers at the ready, soon it was strawberries, fresh, soft, mini-donuts dripping on perfectly, tempered chocolate, and there was silence.

Shropshire Chocolate Fountains Hire

Do you have an event coming up that you would like to make special, so special, that your friends, and relatives will talk about it for years to come. Why? Think about it. Drop I, Bob, or Michelle an email, or call or request a call back, and we will always promise to answer any queries you may have quickly, promptly and professionally. With years of experience in the Chocolate industry, you can rest assured you are in good hands.